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Besides “Happiness in a tin box” i start a new feature on Atlantis Stardust. Every Friday i want to post Stardust a.k.a. a selection of the news of the week. It won´t be just plain news reporting. I will comment the news here and there so it doesn´t get too boring. So here we go.

Forbes put Zara-Boss Amancio Ortega on their 2013 list. He is supposed to be the richest man in fashion business and thanks to his 57 billion dollar fortune the third richest human in the world. What is also interesting is that three new women found their way on the list. All of these are selfmade millionaires. Respect ladies.

Gucci gets green and launches a purse collection to show their efforts to produce environmentally friendly. I really like that especially large fashion houses start to overthink their production and try to be a good example. I hope Gucci expands its behaviour noticable and goes on working on better work processes.

Louis Vuitton showed the new Autumn / Winter Collection. A special highlight i think were those dresses with lace and the dip-dye coats with glitter.

North Korea allowed it for the first that foreigners can bring mobile telephones into the country. The network provider Koryolink opened a 3G connection for the foreigners and allowed them to tweet, instagram and upload photos on social networks. The full story with pictures has ABC News for you. It´s a pity that the people of North Korea can´t use the internet.

Microsoft has to pay millions again. If they would kill the horrible Microsoft Explorer this wouldn´t have happend. Just sayn`. The German news network Tagesschau has the full story. Sorry just German. Put i guess you´ve heard the news anyway.

The next thing is German related too. The poverty report got an ok. Unfortunatelly the report is highly cencored. It is a pity that it is possible that clear statements got killed. I think if you put together such a report it should be honest and not excluding things the economy doesn´t like and paint things prettier than they are.

If i had an iPhone i would definitely test this Mailbox App. It sounds like it would be way easier to keep an overview on your accounts. I´m still have the Outlook and K-9-Mail Chaos.

Over and out.

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